Our Club

About PRIDE Soccer Club

PRIDE Soccer Club (PSC) was established in 2004 in order to provide a more professionally organized, competitive and developmentally focused youth soccer club in the area.  Since that time PSC has become one of the most successful and respected clubs in all of Ohio.  PSC has developed teams to be able to compete on the State and Regional levels and has produced over 70 collegiate level players in the last 5 years!  PSC is comprised of around 600 players from ages 6 through 19 and has widespread membership with players coming from over 35 different school districts and 8 counties!

The PSC Coaching Staff has over 35 professionally licensed coaches with 80% holding a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) National ‘D’ License or higher, making it one of the highest licensed staffs in all of Ohio.  The coaching staff is under the direction and guidance of several Directors of Coaching in addition to having a PSC coaching curriculum, continuing coaching education resources, as well as the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and United Soccer Coaches (USC) guidelines. 


PSC teams compete in multiple leagues and formats based on the developmental needs of the team which includes but is not limited to:  Ohio Champions League (OCL), Central Ohio Premier League (COPL), Ohio State Premier League (OSPL), Buckeye Premier League (BPL), Ohio Soccer State League (OSSL), US Club National Premier League (NPL) and US Youth Great Lakes Conference (GLC).  

PSC is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Organization, which is supported by player fees, donations, and fundraising.


Our overall goal is to provide an environment in which players can develop to their fullest soccer potential in addition to developing character traits that will impact them for life!

Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to provide a quality training environment using professional, experienced, and licensed coaches and trainers so that players will improve their technical and tactical abilities in order to reach their fullest potential in the game of soccer. It is also our goal to foster an enjoyment and love for the game of soccer so that players will continue to play through high school and beyond. We do this by using training methods that will benefit the abilities of the individual player and team, while also making training sessions enjoyable.


Core Values

1. All players have potential to develop.
2. Players are people who will impact their families, schools, communities and world.
3. Strive to do all things with excellence.
4. Soccer is a game meant to be enjoyed.