Juggling Club

Juggling Club

Pride S.C. Juggling Club

Not all good jugglers are good soccer players – BUT all good soccer players are good jugglers.

Juggling is the art of keeping the soccer ball in the air by bouncing it off your foot, thigh, head, chest, back and shoulder (no hands allowed).  Soccer juggling will strengthen a players overall ball control and game.  Juggling is a fundamental skill that is necessary in developing great “touch” with the soccer ball.

Purpose of the PSC Juggling Club is to encourage a fun way for our players to become more technical (fundamentally sound).  It will also encourage them to use their soccer ball on a more consistent basis.  Juggling is a very useful tool in helping players to “own” the ball.

How to Juggle:  Daily juggling at home is best.  Work on all surfaces of your body until you are comfortable using any body part to control the ball.  Your touches will increase as you practice and have fun.  You can juggle any time you want, it just takes you, a ball and a little space.  Challenge yourself and keep track of your personal best.

Club Rules:

  • Coaches must witness the juggling. 

  • To qualify to test for a patch, a player must have juggled for 2 hours (20 minutes/day) signed off by their parent.  We will have a juggling clinic/test each Saturday morning from 10-11am. 

  • Ball must be kept in the air for consecutive touches.  Player returns to zero if ball hits the ground

  • U7-U9 may start with their hands, 1st touch must be with the foot, & all body parts count as a point.

  • U10-U19 must use feet to pick up the ball. Touches with the feet count toward the total number of juggles. All other body parts can be used but they do not count toward the total number of juggles. For example: foot, foot, thigh, head, foot, counts as 3 juggles.

  • For each age group a color patch will be awarded for different levels of achievement. The patches can be put on your warm-ups, bags or practice equipment. (Not on uniforms)

    U7-9 U10-11 U12-14 U15-19
Red/White soccer ball for Elite 5 10 25 50
Blue/White soccer ball for Premier 10 20 50 75
Black/White soccer ball for Expert 15 30 75 100
Maroon/White soccer ball for Master 20 40 100 200
White/Purple soccer ball for Pro 25 50 150 300

Red lightning bolt patch for 100 juggles (U7-11) & 500 juggles (U12-19)

Juggling Club Tally sheet